Ingredient From Around The World

Why most of our kids don’t actually like Organic cookies…?

“Because they taste NOTHING, mom…!!!”

 While building the Heartfelt brand, this was our main challenge: to make sure that each flavor we wanted to produce retains the intensity and full-body of its original taste.


 While most producers give up easily the quest, our supply-chain specialists restlessly scouted every corner of the globe to source wholesome ingredients which not only were certified organic, but had a flavor like “a blast on your palate”.


 Have a look at the world map and learn where all our ingredients are from!

To name just a few:

Belgium:                      Organic dark chocolate

Italy:                            Organic cacao powder

Australia:                    Organic soft flour

Japan:                         Organic candied orange peel

New Zealand:            Organic butter

United States:             Organic almonds and walnuts

Brazil:                         Organic sugar