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We developed a range of flavors form classics to exotic.

Pick your favorite!

on demand or for Private Label only

Cranberry Oatmeal

 A delicious slightly crispy classic oatmeal cookie full of tart chewy cranberries that closes with a full-flavored satisfying taste. 

Orange Butter Crunch

 Tasty crunchy butter cookies with chewy orange pieces. The distinctive orange aroma delightfully mixes with the subtle butter flavor.

Dark Chocolate Omega Nut

 Chocolate, seed and nut lovers: rejoice! These cookies are baked with Belgium dark chocolate and a health inspired mix of omega rich nuts (flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds, and chia seeds) with Oatmeal.

Macha Green Tea

 A cookie creation where Rich butter melds in with the taste and aroma of traditional Macha. Made using Premium Japanese Macha green tea powder and Flaxseeds

Espresso Walnut

 A delicious espresso butter cookie, combining the kick of a full-bodied Italian coffee with the smoothness of organic walnuts and flaxseeds.

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